Specific Defects Reports

Specific Defect ReportsThis is an examination and report on specific building faults and other issues, and may be required for matters such as disputes with builders, condominium management, neighbours etc.

The inspection is followed by a detailed written report outlining the nature of the defect, and the recommended remedial measures.

Reports can be prepared in both English and Portuguese.

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Project Management

This is the supervision of building works ranging from minor repairs to supervising the construction of new property.
This service is often used by clients to ensure that defects identified in a building survey are repaired to a correct and appropriate standard. 



Building Surveys

In order to make an informed decision on property purchase, it is essential to obtain a building survey which will detail the standard and quality of build as well as faults and defects in the construction.
This will avoid unpleasant and possibly expensive surprises after purchase. 



Property Management

A service designed for non-resident owners who require professional management of their property during periods of absence.

We can offer a bespoke management package to meet your requirements, including maintenance and repair works, management and supervision of gardens and pools care etc.


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